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The Best Microwave Oven 2021

The Best Microwave Oven 2021

The Best Microwave Oven 2021


1- LUBY Large Toaster Oven Countertop, French Door Designed

The Best Microwave Oven 2021


Item Dimensions LxWxH22.04 x 16.14 x 14.37 inches
Item Weight24.9 Pounds

About this item

  • Large countertop oven - Enough for baking a 14-inch pizza, roasting a 20-lb turkey, a family cake or a nice tenderloin and comfortably fit 24 cup muffin trays. Four rack positions. More at a time. Usable interior dimensions are 16-3/8 W x 15-7/8 D x 8-1/2 H (upper element to rack at lowest position ).
  • French door designed - When the door is open, it does not occupy the space of the desktop, and the operation is more convenient.
  • Separate temperature selector - separate and precise temperature control for upper and lower racks, allows you to set two temperatures for different foods at a time, provides maximum cooking flexibility.
  • Simply control & 60-minute timer - set the temperature and timer to your exact specifications using the easy-to-turn knobs. The auto shutoff and signal bell give you peace of mind that your food won't overcook once the time is up.
  • Fast & even heating - Luby electric oven can be heated fast and even by the four heating Tubes. Perfect for broiling turkey, fish, baking pizzas, cookies, toasting bread and keeping food warm, just about everything!
  • Upgraded Style: The three knobs have been updated to a version with obvious marking line, so that the direction of the knob can be seen more clearly.
  • Included Components: Machine Body And Bake Tray(1Pc),Wire Rack(1Pc),Tray Handle(1Pc)

The Best Microwave Oven 2021
The Best Microwave Oven 2021

Product description

Prepare a big meals for your friends or the whole family with Luby extra large toaster oven! LUBY countertop oven can easily fit 18 Slices of bread, a big 14'' pizza or a 20lb Turkey! LUBY electric oven features separate temperature controller for up and low heating tubes and has four positions for racks and pans, provides maximum cooking flexibility. More at a time. With 60 minute timer, your foods cook as long as you need, then the oven shuts off automatically. LUBY french door toaster oven allows to open a single door to check on food, without letting too much heat escape from the oven and stainless steel interior is easy to clean up.Technical Specifications: Color: Silver Front, Black Housing Item Dimensions: 22. 04 x 16. 14 x 14. 37 in Interior Dimensions: 16-3/8 W x 15-7/8 D x 8-1/2 H (upper element to rack at lowest position) Material: Iron Voltage: 120V/ 60Hz Power: 1800 watts Accessories include: bake tray(1pc) bake tray handle(1pc) wire rack(2pc) crumb tray (1pc) Heating Functions: Upper Heating: Broiling Lower Heating: Baking Dual Heating: Toasting

Top reviews from the United States

This thing is a beast… and that’s a good thing because we’re looking to cut down on using the range oven. After burning ourselves numerous times, having a drop-down door eat up available counter space and constantly fighting with getting the a tray or casserole dish out of our Waring Pro WTO450 it was time for a change. We figured if there was lost counter space it might as well be for a bigger oven than a drop down door that was bothersome. The capacity in this oven is enormous compared to a standard size toaster oven and with the added capacity we can do more with it and less with our electric range… which literally just burned through another heating element. We didn’t want convection, a drop down door, an electronic touchpad or to pay anywhere near 200-bucks so it was a limited field and this one fit our search criteria. It was a somewhat reluctant purchase and an Oster with convection heating was the alternative but we’re at a high altitude so convection wasn’t really needed and that left few choices with French doors and non-convection. This is a counter hog but since the doors swing open it’s a minor issue but my major issue is that the timer must be on for it to operate even though the pic showed a timer dial with a “Stay on” setting that ours doesn’t have so a loud timer must be on to use it and if the timer fails the oven is non-operational. I’ll likely install an on/off toggle switch to bypass the timer because I doubt returning it for this reason would result in a replacement with the timer feature I thought I was getting. The major pluses, for us anyway, is that the doors open out (and we can open just one at a time) and the upper & lower elements have their own temperature settings… or you can just use whichever one you prefer. The handle for the grill and pan is a nice touch so we no longer have to reach into the over to grab something while using bulky mitts and then fighting to get it out like we did with the Waring… which taxed our patience and that led to burns. For its size, it’s rather lightweight and we tried it on our island with a Formica countertop but it slid so easily I could see dinner going off the side and onto the floor with just a small push. I’m building a small stand to place it on to have some counter space underneath and will add some rubber feet to keep it in place. It’s hard to please everyone with a single appliance but this was relatively inexpensive compared to most of the alternatives and ours has a removable sheet on the bottom that collects crumbs so I’m calling it a crumb tray. The dials are hard to read since the pointer is just an arrow that’s the same color as the dial face. As usual, instructions are vague or nebulous (like put the rack in the center position when there’s only 4-options so there’s not one that’s in the center) and it’s not mentioned if it’s best to bake with both the upper & lower elements on for a more consistent bake. It also doesn’t heat/bake evenly but that’s the same with our stove oven but the pre-heat time is much quicker. It gets too hot to place your hand on the top but the sides aren’t too bad and it’s pretty much the same thing with most other countertop ovens/toasters we’ve had previously. At 400-degress ours showed 375-degress on two different oven thermometers but that’s close enough and since the doors have a gap in the middle and don’t seal tightly they are likely like that so the glass doesn’t overheat. It’s really not a good toaster though it’ll get the job done but it takes a long time to heat up to the point that it’s actually toasting something. My biggest peeve is that the timer dial controls the on/off process and it really should have been incorporated into the dials for the elements since it’s lacking the “Stay on” feature. Once this is on a counter there’s very little room left in front of it and what is left is pretty much unusable. The doors do stay open but the handles are not even with each other. Though there’s nothing that says “broil” on it that can be accomplished by using just the upper elements; and ours has a crumb tray (I’m still not sure what all those no crumb tray reviews meant… were they expecting a separate tray or missing the bottom inside plate) so that cuts down a lot of unfavorable reviews. I don’t “Love it” but I’ll stay with 5-stars despite my issues with the timer functioning as the on/off switch. We’ve done bread, toast, bagels, English muffins and a fruit pie in it, so far, and no complaints with the finished products.

Lastly, as we grow older bending down and reaching over the door to our range made pulling out the large cast iron casserole pot not only difficult but it was hard to not burn a mitt on the upper element so this makes it a lot easier and the entire oven doesn’t lose all the heat that takes about 30-minutes of pre-heat to achieve. After all the money I’ve dropped on appliances in the past 60-years I’ll be happy if it still works in a few years and it’ll take some strain off my range oven that gets limited use but still pops an element every few years. It would be nice if it had an on/off switch and an interior light but it is what it is and there’s no reason to knock off stars for it.

2- This toaster oven is HUGE! I can cook an entire cookie sheet of food for my family at once. I love that! You could easily cook a small turkey in this thing. It heats up quickly and so far has cooked everything evenly.

It looks nice too. The stainless steel with glass windows makes it not an eyesore to have on my counter top.

I love that when the timer goes off, the toaster oven does too so my kids can't accidentally leave the oven on after they are done making their personal pizzas for lunch.

Another thing I love about this toaster oven is that it doesn't take a lot of power to use it, so when we have a power outage (Hello hurricanes!) I'll be able to use this with our generator to heat up food with ease.

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